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Murals, pavement art, street painting, 3d illusions, chalk art workshops, scenic painting- Fine Art by Australian artist Ulla Taylor.

Ulla’s original street art has been enjoyed by thousands of people on city sidewalks, around the globe, for over 30 years...

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Ulla tours extensively as a performing artist.

Adelaide Fringe Plane 3d street art painting pavement by Ulla Taylor sm.jpg (162125 bytes)

Flying to Adelaide Fringe Festival at Adelaide Airport with Ru ©2017


Ulla at work-  Fremantle Street Arts Festival photo Max Kordyl 2012 ©


What's new?

...in Street art:        

Mohammed Ali Mural, Balaclava Melbourne © 2019 for 12Rnd Boxing Studio

...in the galleries:       

Barmah Forest and Heritage Info Centre Mural, Nathalia (Ulla with goanna detail)    VIDEO HERE


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