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A few testimonials!

"Thanks so much for your amazing work on our Not Sure Ask campaign. We were so impressed with your talent and you were an absolute pleasure to work with. I really appreciated your flexibility and your wonderful attitude to the work."

J. Charlwood, Senior Communications Advisor, Worksafe Victora 2013

"It is the creative energy and originality, which individuals like Ulla Taylor bring to our festival, which is all important.  Her professionalism and artwork, stood her out as class inclusion and the type of 'Character" who enhances festivals beyond their artistic ability.  Ulla's artwork is unique and it's presentation thrilled the thousands who saw her..  ..I highly recommend, Ulla Taylor, Pavement Artiste."

P.Keelan, Artistic Director, Fremantle Street Arts Festival 2003

“Ulla put her heart and soul into creating pavement art that helped launch a Telstra Country Wide cause related marketing campaign focusing on building awareness and raising funds for early childhood literacy programs in kindergartens around the Goulburn Valley in Victoria. Her interpretation of the theme far exceeded my expectations. She worked long and hard, and it really shows. The end result had the local community a-buzz with its vibrancy and attention to detail. Kids loved it!”

S. Lukacs, Creative Director, Regional Reach Advertising 2007

"Thanks again for the great job you did with the Chalk art. It was the talk of the building the whole day and really helped our internal launch."

S. Sammartino, Kraft Foods, Melbourne 2005

"It has been wonderful to have you in Wellington again.  Your art is superb and we are so lucky to have it here..."

S. Cooper, Director, Wellington Buskers festival 2005

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