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Ulla works as a soloist creating innovative artworks tailored to festivals and major events, but large murals, or major art events with tight timelines, require a dedicated and experienced team.  At those times, friends may be "drawn" together again...

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Ulla working with Chalk Circle ...

Ulla met Chalk Circle at Glenhuntly Pavement Art Competition 1987.. just prior to my first commission by the City of Melbourne, and was founded by Peter Voice and Bev Isaac in 1991.  Happy 16th Birthday Chalk Circle!  

At the first official Chalk Circle gig, the group also included myself, Jenny McCracken, and Roland Josuttis (Deutschland).   Nowadays the Chalk Circle group is Bev and Diana Isaac, and Peter Voice.

Galatea by Ulla and Bev after Raphael.jpg (65833 bytes)

Galatea after Raphael by Bev and Ulla at Italiafest Melbourne Crown Casino.c1996

UTmelis.jpg (64256 bytes)

Melbourne In Spires - 
Chalk Circle with Jenny McCracken, calendar 1996 cover artwork for D Simmonds, photographer, (~4m dia.) © 1995

Biodiversity by Ulla Taylor & Bev Isaac @ AScinceF.JPG (57774 bytes)

Biodiversity at Australian Science Festival April 2001, Canberra Centre, Civic ACT. © Ulla Taylor and Bev Isaac.
Art of Busking, 
Chalk Circle artists busk on Swanston Walk, Melbourne, drawing crowds in 1995 ©.  Photo Marnie Lee.

UTcchin.jpg (42480 bytes)

Christchurch In Spires - Chalk Circle at Sidewalk Art Project, produced by Festival City Productions, Victoria Square Chch., New Zealand, © 1997

CCsnake.jpg (53442 bytes)

Indiana Jones and the snake pit - Chalk Circle with Jenny McCracken at Scienceworks Museum of Victoria, special effects exhibition, (detail ~ 5 x 4m) ©1995
See Bev,  Peter and Diana's 
work at Chalk Circle domain.

Ulla working with  Jenny McCracken

Ulla and Jenny met through Chalk Circle in 1991, and also worked together at Scenic Studios, Walking with T-Rex (Jenny being the paint-gang boss and textures designer there), and on various pavement art jobs/ festivals over the past decades.


Angels of Christmas at Melbourne Central © Ulla Taylor and Jenny McCracken, November 2004.  Designed with multiple anamorphic perspectives, this drawing has three viewpoints to minimise figurative distortion over the ten metre length of the image. Produced by Zest events.


Photo courtesy of Andi Mether.


Angels of Christmas at Melbourne Central © Ulla Taylor and Jenny McCracken, November 2004 ..Above, details to the left and right of the central viewpoint.  When viewed from the ends.. its a different picture.

Auckland City 2888 - a positive future

Ulla Taylor and Jenny McCracken, photo by Jenny

Ulla painting at Scenic Studios

Ross Turner's Scenic Studios is the largest theatre set production company in Australia.  Over 6 years, I painted on a contract basis on many projects including major productions such as  Lion King, Annie, The Producers, et al.   It was lovely to paint on those large canvas expanses!  Nearly all of this work is created in paint teams under the excellent direction of Ross, and was designed by others..  Here's a few samples featuring my own paintwork... I've tried to credit as accurately as possible. (please contact me if I have left you out!). 

Ulla on the Lollyland set, Nutcracker on Ice
Painted by Ulla (castle), Stuart Hall (mountains), Sara McPherson (choc-door), and Sinead ..(lolly bits).  Photo Stuart Hall

Annie the Musical, Basement set
Painted by Ulla with textures and construction by others. Photo Mark Ogge.

Peter Pan- the "carpet"
Painted by Ulla and Elizabeth Didier with Jenny McCracken. (The chair in the background is life-size!)

Adelaide festival Centre Front of house cloth opening night with the designers, Tony Bishop and Pamela Watts, on stage.

Wurlitzer and

Car for a fifties party
Painted by Ulla, profiling Peter Pettet. Photos Jenny McCracken.

Detail of the prompt side of the AFC cloth in the studio, each leaf features a South Australian iconic scene.. a vast expanse of velvet being vacuumed (by Jenny) before shipping.  Ulla was team leader of the paintwork, working with Camille Serisier and Clair .., later joined by Jenny McCracken, Joe Blanck, and Brendan Pierce.

Glenelg river on a gum leaf motif
a detail painted by Ulla Adelaide Festival Centre front of house cloth

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