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For your browsing interest, here are some of my favourite contemporary performers, and miscellaneous links of household interest... 

Friends, or just plain good stuff..


Street performers, and resources, for surfing fun...

Ulla has worked alongside SO many great street performers!  .... here's just a FEW favourites...**
Nick Nickolas,        Magical Comedy or comedy magic, Master of Ceremonies excelling in warming the room, partner, and multi award winning sleight of hand specialist..!
Andrew Elliot,        East Indian snake charming and other mystic arts... to make you laugh....
Checkerboard Guy The go any where do anything comic daredevil...
Mr Spin                 Amazing juggling with belly-aching humour.
Pandora Pink         Playful cigar box balances and clowning as fab fitties rockabillie.
Miss Behave,          Sword swallowing cabaret, freak show clown, and masterful Mistress of Ceremonies.
Space Cowboy,      Sword swallower, mind reader, spoon bender, freak, and patron of the (Ull)arts..

 ** MORE at Streetbiz performers' directory, performers' net.

Links to browse.. for the good life

The Diggers' Club   Heritage seeds & plants delivered to your door, grow your own vegies.. yum and fun!  Support biodiversity and reduce your carbon footprint.
Get Up! Get Up is a campaigning organisation where you can sign petitions against many yucky things happening in my land of Oz!
Duck for Cover  Public liability insurance for Australian performers... Yes my cover is up to date!


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